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楊千嬅 Miriam Yeung 吵我
Vocoder Mix
Description: This was an internal test / working mix of the track, to show the effected / vocoded vocal track. The mixing of the music is different to the final mix and also, you don't really hear much of the original vocals in this mix.
楊千嬅 "吵我" 的內部 Demo Mix 版本。
用作實驗性/示範人聲特別音響效果。原本的主音反而沒有太多。混音也和 CD 的不同。
Composed & Remixed by C. Y. Kong
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陳奕迅 Eason Chan 2001
OdyCY Remix
Full Length Version
Description: The full 6:50 version of the remix CY did for Eason Chan's "2001" song. A true remix journey! (2001)
陳亦迅 "2001" 的 OdyCY  Remix 足版。
Remixed by C. Y. Kong
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林子祥 Lam (George Lam) Mega Mix 2001
Lam Mega Mix Medley 2001
Description:  A remixed / megamix / medley version of various Lam's greatest fast numbers, spanning from late seventies to early nineties. Re-arranged and megamixed by C. Y. Kong. Studio mixing engineer was Simon (The Fly) Li! Produced by Tommy (Sai Fay) Chui. (2001) .
將以往從七十年代末期至九零年代初 林子祥 快歌的 2001年 從新編排混音版 Megamix Medley.
由 C. Y. Kong Remix, Simon Li 混音, 崔炎德(細肥) 監製。
Remixed by C. Y. Kong, Mixed by Simon (The Fly) Li
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林憶蓮 Sandy Lam 決心
Remix Extended Dub
Description: An extended version of the Remix of Sandy Lam's "Determination"!! Originally planned to use as a guide for the Live Concert in June 1994, where Sandy wanted to have a Remix part in the show, featuring DJ scratching and so on. So this long version has lots of breaks and sounds like a dub mix, so that DJ Jeff can scratch in a lot of effects in the song! However in the end they decided to do a 3 song remix part in the show, so this was in the end unused. Note that the other 2 songs in the show are also featured on our Live page! (1994)
一九九四年林憶蓮「決心」Remix 的加長版本﹗本應是在演唱會中使用﹐ 因為憶蓮希望在 Live 中加插 DJ 混音效果﹐ 所以此版本是有很多 Break 和 Dub Mix 位﹐ 好讓 DJ Jeff 可以加上卒碟效果。 但因後來決定還是以 三首歌串成一 Part 表演﹐ 所以這版本便未有用上。 另外那兩首歌的 現場版本﹐ 可以在我們的 Live 頁中找到。
Remixed by C. Y. Kong
Windows Media


蘇永康 So Wing Hong 落葉 Remix
Featuring 谷中人 on Guitars Jazzin' Memories Mix
Description: One of those Mr. So's songs that didn't do too well in the charts (back in 1994) but it is one that everyone likes and remembers from his album. This is the remix version, which features one of his producers, Tommy Ho on the Jazzy guitars, was released on a CDsingle called "So Clean", but many people have not heard this, so it's here for you to stream!! (As requested.) (1994)
蘇永康 九四年的落葉 ﹐沒有在流行榜上得到很好的成績﹐
但仍然是很多人喜歡和記得的歌。這個重新混音版﹐叫來了他的 其中一個監製 谷中人 玩了一些帶爵士味道的結他﹐反而很多人 沒有聽過。其實曾在CDsingle "So Clean" 中出版過﹐ 祗是很多人不知或根本買不到。
Music & Lyrics Composed, Arranged & Remixed by C. Y. Kong
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車沅沅 Stephanie Che 其實你可以  Remix
Description: Stephanie's 2nd plug song after she returned to Hong Kong in 1996. The original did get a lot of airplay & attention, and a lot of people liked it. But due to the policy of the record company & production house, she was not able to release the album soon after the chart success... In the end the album was released sometimes in 1997, but after such a long time, many people didn't bother with it.
This is the UNRELEASED remix version. This "Drum&Bass" style remix was only used for radio promotion during the "plug-song" period..(1996)
也算不錯﹐很多人也喜歡。但因為製作公司和唱片公司的方針﹐ 她未有即時發行大碟。結果大碟在一九九七年中才發行﹐但可能 時間相隔太遠﹐很多人卻因此而錯過了。
這個重新混音Drum & Bass版﹐則是派台宣傳用﹐未有發行。
Music Composed, Arranged and Remixed by C. Y. Kong.
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孫耀威 Eric Suen 不必為我留下
LoneTrip Remix
Description: An unreleased remix of one of Eric's popular karaoke song! This remix has a Triphop/Drum & Bass style which at that time (Nov 1995) was probably too new and "in", and maybe not many were able to accept the  style of the remix. But listening to it now sounds just right, as the music style is already an accepted one today. (1995)
孫耀威的一隻卡拉OK的未發行混音版本。可能因為音樂風格太新和 太 “In”的關係﹐當時(一九九五年十一月)還未能完全被接受。 如今這些 TripHop / Drum & Bass 風格已經被廣泛接受﹐ 聽回這個 Remix 版則有耳目一新的感覺 !!
Remixed by C. Y. Kong.
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黎明 Leon Lai 十字天使 (Remix)
Description: The remix version and also the version used on his video. This was in fact the version Leon submitted to Wong Ka Wai for the film title song, but never got used in the film. Either not released or was released on some hard to find compilations or CD single.(1995)
「十字天使」的混音版﹐ 同樣是他的音樂錄影帶上的版本。 這個版本亦是黎明曾經交過給王家衛﹐希望用作電影的主題曲﹐ 但結果卻未有被採用。可能沒有發行或可能在現在比較難找到的 某些雜錦碟或 CD Single 上發行過。 (1995)
Music Composed, Arranged & Remixed by C. Y. Kong.
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黎明 Leon Lai 危情追蹤
("Lost in Jungle" Remix)
Description: The more harder Drum and Bass remix of Leon's 1995 hit. This was released on a CD single, maybe hard to find nowadays. (1995)
黎明一九九五年的流行曲的一個更重更硬的混音版﹐ 充滿 Drum and Bass 味道。曾以 CD Single 形式發行過﹐但相信 現在也比較難找到了。
Remixed by C. Y. Kong.
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黎明 Leon Lai 你令愛了不起
(Winter Mix)
Description: An unreleased remix of Leon! This remix was done by Gary Chan (was Go East's production assistant, now Gold label), and it's very warm jazzy laid-back style. But at the time the record company had too many ideas, wanting different versions, and this one was in the end not plugged nor released.
黎明沒有發行的混音版本。由曾任正東製作助理 (現 Gold Label) 的 Gary Chan 負責 Remix﹐是帶些爵士味道的慢版風格﹐但當時唱片公司有太多不同概念﹐結果這個版本到最後也沒有出版。
Remixed by Gary Chan..
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王菲 Faye Wong 情介 Remix
Description:   This was the supposed remix version. It shares the same arrangement as the Mandarin version. However, mixing is slightly different. Guitars were played by Joey Tang. (Sept1998)
Remixed by C. Y. Kong.
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王菲 Faye Wong 麻醉 Remix (for Japan)
Description:   A remix for Japan use, for the launch of Faye's 1998 album in Japan. (Sept1998)
為日本宣傳而用的混音版 (一九九八年九月)
Remixed by C. Y. Kong.
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 許志安    Andy Hui 一家一減你 Remix 
Description:  Andy Hui's song written by Joey Tang, remixed version!! (Feb1998)
許志安「一家一減你」REMIX 版本  (一九九八年二月)
Remixed by C. Y. Kong,
played by the "Music is Live 1998" Band members.
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軟硬 SoftHard 點解要大家笠 (大球場 Remix)
Why Do Fools Fall in Love
(The Condom Song)
[HK Stadium Remix]
Description: SoftHard's special remix version. This was NEVER RELEASED . It is a 7 minute version that was used for a live performance for the Hunger 30 Hours Charity Show at the Hong Kong Stadium back in Spring 1994. This unreleased version was the original studio mix which they used for practicing and for dancers & stage crews to workout the song structure. (1994)
軟硬 點解要大家笠 (大球場Remix) 特別版本﹐從未發行﹗
這個七分鐘版本曾經在一九九四年 飢饉三十 香港大球場 義演中表演過。 這個是錄音室版本﹐是為了練習和給舞台工作人員及排舞之用。 全城獨家﹗﹗ 相信不會在任何地方可以聽得到﹗﹗
Remixed by C. Y. Kong.
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太極 Tai Chi 獻給 Pauline
Remixed by ACYD Scissors' Mix
Description: Originally a US style Rock Band song, transformed by ACYD to a UK Rock/Dance style. Who said Rock Bands can't be remixed?? It's just like U2 meets Flood & Brian Eno, putting & mixing different styles & elements together to get that chemical reaction! At the time (Dec1994) many DJs (including Wyman Wong & Wallace Kwok) liked the remix a lot, but it was only "plugged" for a week due to the record co. rushing to change to the next plug-song to match the promotion & release of their album. This remix only ended up on an un-noticeable compilation, and as the record co. is now gone, it's now even harder to find this version...(1994)
原本是一首美國式搖滾歌﹐遇上ACYD的Remix卻變成英式Rock Dance 模樣﹗就如 U2 遇上 Flood 和 Brian Eno 般﹐ 將不同的音樂原素放在一起的那些化學作用。 雖然當時(一九九四年十二月)得到不少 DJ 們 (如黃偉文﹐郭啟華等)的讚同﹐但這個版本派台的壽命卻祗有一個星期﹗ 祗因當時唱片公司趕著要推出大碟﹐要轉歌派第二首派台歌來配合宣傳。 這個Remix後來便祗有在沒有人留意的雜錦碟內推出了。如今這間唱片公司已不再營業﹐這個版本亦變成更加難找到...
Remixed by C. Y. Kong & Adrian Chan.
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鐘鎮濤 Kenny Bee 淚之旅 I /II / III
(1998 MegaMix)
Description:   A remixed / megamix version of Kenny Bee's 3 famous hits back in the eighties. Done in 1998, featuring the "Music is Live 1998" Band, with Joey Tang (Guitars), Davy Chan (Drums), Sai Wai (Bass), C. Y. Kong (Programming/Keyboards) and also DJ Tommy (Scratching). A completely hyped up rock version with drum'n'bass beats and scratching.... Produced by Joey Tang. (1998)
鐘鎮濤 淚之旅 三部曲 1998 年 重新編曲 MegaMix 版本。由 鄧建明 Joey Tang 監製, 帶領九八年拉闊音樂 Live Band 樂隊演奏。包括 鄧建明 (結他)﹐ 大飛 (鼓)﹐ 細威 (低音結他)﹐ C. Y. Kong (電腦程序/鍵琴) 還有 DJ Tommy 負責卒碟﹗ 完全搖滾加 drum'n'bass 電子混音﹗
Arranged by C. Y. Kong / Produced by Joey Tang.
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馬浚偉 Steven Ma 你是我的日與夜
Sunset Mix
Description:   The remix version of "Day and Night", for radio promotional use. This "Sunset Mix" has a more upbeat backing and very nice acoustic guitars. (Sept1998)
這個「日落版」, 充滿爽快節奏和清新的木結他.(一九九八年九月)
Remixed by C. Y. Kong.
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林憶蓮 Sandy Lam 決心
Original Demo Remix
Description: When Sandy Lam returned to Hong Kong from Japan with this song "Determination", at first she was thinking of using a different arrangement for the Cantonese version. So C.Y. Kong went and did this Demo Remix. But later on, Sandy and Anthony decided to use the original music backing for the Canto version. Elements from this Demo Remix were later on used in the real Remix of the song.
在一九九四年林憶蓮從日本拿著「決心」回港時﹐ 起初是打算用另一個 編曲來做「決心」的廣東版﹐ 因此 C.Y.Kong 便做了這個Demo Remix。 後來憶蓮和倫永亮還是決定用回日本的那個音樂 Backing。而這版本內的 部份編曲則留待在其後推出的 Remix 版內才使用。
Remixed by C. Y. Kong
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郭富城 Aaron Kwok 極度哀艷的晚上 Remix
Description:   A more "indie" feel version of the Alex San composed hit, remixed by Davy Chan (of Anodize) and Joey Tang. (Oct1996)
由亞龍大的大飛和鄧建明重新編曲混音﹐ 將原本由辛偉力作的曲
加上一點 Indie 感覺 (一九九六年十月)
Remixed by Davy Chan & Joey Tang.
Co-produced by C. Y. Kong.
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郭富城 Aaron Kwok 聽風的歌 Remix (Demo)
Description:   One of the remix done but don't know if it was released or not. There was a similar remix that was plugged on the radio, so this version was probably a demo.
的混音版是與這個大同小異﹐或許這是 Demo 版。
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王菲 Faye Wong 玩具 (SoftMix)
Description:   An unofficial mix. In fact this was a "working mix" of the song which was recorded during the production time, and was used for monitoring and referencing. It has no drums and less synthesizer parts which in turn makes it a soft guitar version from which you can clearly hear and enjoy Faye's sweetest voice! (1996)
一個非正式的混音版。其實這是在製作期間錄下來的一個作參考用的試聽版。 並無鼓的部分﹐某些電子樂器亦欠奉﹐換來是一個很清新的結他版﹐ 可以更清楚聽到王菲產前最甜美的聲線﹗
Music composed & arranged by C. Y. Kong.
Windows Media


蘇永康 So Wing Hong 不要 Remix
商台1995年903 廣播劇“四條恐龍”主題曲 Remix 版本
Description:  An UNRELEASED version of Mr. So's performance!! The original theme song was actually sung by Sammy, but as Mr. So played in the 2nd part of the drama, this special "bossa-nova" remix was made and used, to suit the "style" of Mr. So!! . It was not released due to the copyrights of Sammy's original version was not completely cleared at that time.
另一隻未發行的蘇永康歌曲。這歌的原版就是鄭秀文的“不要”。 因為當時蘇永康有份參演廣播劇的第二部份演出﹐便用上了另一個版本。 當時沒有發行是因為鄭秀文的原版也還未傾好版權上的問題。
Composed, Arranged & Remixed by C.Y. Kong.
Produced by William So & C.Y. Kong.
Windows Media


張智霖 Chi-Lam Cheung 瘋了吧 Remix
Description:   ChiLam's song back in 1994. This is remixed version, very electronic style:) (1994)
ChiLam 一九九四年的快歌,一個非常電子的混音版本。
Remixed by C. Y. Kong.
Windows Media


黎明詩 Stephanie Lai 敢恨敢愛 Remix
Description:   This is the same Japanese song (by the band "Wands") that both Andy Hui and Sammi covered back in 1994. Stephanie also had her version, which in fact was the 1st and came before the other 2. This is a special house remix of the track, use for promotion at that time.
這是改編自日本樂隊 Wands 一九九四年的歌曲. 同樣是許志安及鄭秀文 「唯獨你是不可取替」的三胞胎. 其實黎明詩的才是第一個改編的版本.
而這個 House Remix, 是當時派台宣傳用.
Windows Media


莫文蔚 Karen Morris 來吧舞吧笑吧 (SoftMix)
Description:   A very special version of one of the songs in Karen's very 1st album. This soft version was specially done by C.Y. Kong back in 1992, while recording the album. It has no lyrics, and the melody was slightly different. It captured the finest moments of Karen's vocals ad-libbing like a sweet swallow! Another exclusive "never-released". "Breathe" was the original title of this track, and it has that feeling of like breathing some fresh air
莫文蔚一九九二年首張大碟內的歌「來吧舞吧笑吧」的一個特別版本。 由 C.Y.Kong 在大碟錄音期間特別處理﹐並無任何歌詞﹐而曲調亦略有不同。 大家可以聽到 Karen 最深情的演譯﹐ 最甜美的聲線!  這個從未發行的獨家版本﹐ 原來的歌名叫 "Breathe" ﹐ 就如呼吸到清新空氣一樣!
Windows Media


王馨平 Linda Wong 在你走的一天 (Remix)
Description: The remix of Linda's 1st single, back in 1993. Don't know if this one was released or not, or maybe it was on some compilation. This remix, done by C.Y.Kong and Joe Wong, has a more hip-hop / scratchy feel. (1993)
王馨平 第一首上台歌「在你走的一天」的混音版。不知到有沒有 發行過﹐不過就算有也是在某些雜錦碟上吧。由 C.Y.Kong 和黃祖輝 主理的混音版﹐比原版更 Hip-Hop 更多卒碟效果。
Remixed by C. Y. Kong & Joe Wong.
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