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張國榮 Leslie Cheung
Intro/ We're All Alone (Live 1982) Windows Media
凝望   (Live 1982) Windows Media
Live 1982 一九八二年十月八日大專會堂現場演出
Description: The Leslie Cheung back in October 1982 !! That was well before he was signed to Capital Artists and before all his megahit famous albums and it was probably his hardest time in the scene. But Leslie didn't give up and believed that by working hard, he'd make it to the top one day - which of course he did. In this live performance back in the years, you can still hear the sadness through his voice...
的時期。但哥哥仍然默默耕耘﹐ 二十六歲亦相信祗要努力﹐終 有一天會行運﹗ 在這現場演出的歌聲中﹐卻流露了他的哀怨 ...


王菲 林憶蓮 多得他 (Live)
Faye Wong, Sandy Lam Live 1992 創作人音樂會
Description: A rare collaboration. In the Creative Concert 1992, CR2 specially asked Faye and Sandy to sing "SuperWoman" together, which became one of the highlights of the show that night! We were planning to put this up here earlier, but the only version we have is from the official video recording of the show and this is taken from the soundtrack of it, although the quality is not that perfect, but it was such a memorable moment...(Requested)
1992 創作人音樂會﹐商台特地安排王菲和憶蓮合唱「多得他」﹐ 還成為當晚高潮之一﹗ 原本很早已想將此錄音放上來﹐但因為 我們有的版本是來自當晚商台的錄影帶﹐音效並不是太好﹐ 但因應要求﹐你們也不會介意吧﹗
Windows Media


王菲 關淑怡 倫永亮 When I Fall in Love (Live)
Faye Wong, Shirley Kwan, Anthony Lun Live 萬事發音樂 1992
Description: Another rare collaboration. This time, it was Anthony's part in the show, where he kind of held a music class, describing each Soul/Jazz/Blues/R&B style, and various singers would come on stage singing the songs. So Faye came on and Shirley joined afterwards on this. This was Faye's 1st Live appearance after she returned from the U.S in 1992, notice how R&B / Soul her style was back then!!
另一次難得的組合。在這部份演唱會中﹐倫永亮與觀眾一起上音樂課﹐ 介紹黑人音樂演變過程﹐而數位歌便繼而上台演唱。而這一曲便是由 王菲開始唱﹐關淑怡再加入。這個演唱會是王菲當年從美國回港後的 第一次公開現場演出﹐留意當時她的唱腔仍然非常騷靈得很﹗﹗
Windows Media


王菲 Faye Wong Miss You Night & Day (Live)
Live 萬事發音樂 1992
Description: This was Faye's 1st Live appearance after she returned from the U.S in 1992, singing her "returning single" Live!!
Windows Media


張學友 倫永亮 Jacky Cheng + Anthony Lun Desperado  (Live1992)
Live 萬事發音樂 1992
Description: When Jacky came onto the show, he suddenly wanted to sing an English song, and with a few seconds talk with Anthony, they came on to do "Desperado"!!
當學友上台演唱時﹐他突然興起想唱英文歌。與倫永亮匆匆 談了兩句﹐他們便演譯了 Desperado ﹗
Windows Media


林憶蓮 Sandy Lam Wild Flower  (Live1992)
Live 萬事發音樂 1992
Description: This must be one of Sandy's most soulful performances!! Very soul, very blues, with backup from Anthony Lun's band....This is just so perfect!!
憶蓮的 一次相信是最騷靈的現場演出﹗情深演譯﹐倫永量及他的樂隊伴奏......正﹗﹗
Windows Media


Beyond Beyond 長城   (Live1992)
Live 萬事發音樂 1992
Description: When there were still 4 members in Beyond...
當年還是四位一體的 Beyond 1992年萬事發音樂會中的演出...
Windows Media


林憶蓮 Sandy Lam featuring
ACYD & DJ Jeff
Live Version 24 June 1994
Windows Media
Live Version 24 June 1994
Windows Media
Description: A part in Sandy Lam's concert back in June 1994, featuring ACYD (Guitars/Keyboards & Programs) and DJ Jeff (live scratching / mixing).
A Live Remix performance!!
林憶蓮一九九四年六月的演唱會中一個部份﹐ 請來了 ACYD (一個負責 結他 , 一個負責 鍵琴 / 程序) 和 DJ Jeff (負責現場打碟效果)一同演出。實行玩其現場重新混音演唱版﹗﹗


林憶蓮 Sandy Lam 一九八二年十月八日
Intro / Talk / 
I Only Wanna Be With You
Windows Media
八百歲 Windows Media
祗想你的愛 Windows Media
Description: This is probably very rare. Sandy was only the little 16 year old DJ "611" back in 1982, and although being new fresh, she already had the chance to take part & sing 3 songs in these Commercial Radio's live concerts or variety shows. And it was because of these performances that actually got her into the record industry and became a singer. CR played some of these clips during a fans party for Sandy's birthday back in 1993, and to tell you the truth - we actually supplied these rare recordings to CR!!
祗是剛入行的小 DJ 陸壹壹﹐ 十六歲便能夠在商台的演唱會內唱 三首歌﹐憶蓮更因為在這些場合被受讚賞﹐繼而簽約成為歌手。 在九三年商台為憶蓮攪的生日派對當中﹐亦曾播放過這些片段﹐ 其實亦是由我們從這些錄音中﹐提供給商台的。


林憶蓮 Sandy Lam Dream
+ Black & Blue (with 盧巧音) Windows Media
Saturday "Quote" Live, 1994
林憶蓮 Sandy Lam Lithium
+ Ube Windows Media
Live "Quote Live" 1994 豁達音樂星期六演唱會
Description: Live Recordings from Commercial Radio's Quote Saturday Live back in 1994.The special appearance of Sandy experimented some very different try-outs. Performing with indie band Black & Blue, she sang their song "Dream", backed by Candy Lo who was the lead vocalist from B&B. In the same night, Sandy also performed with a local non-Chinese Acid Jazz band Ube. They did a version of Nirvana's "Lithium" in Acid Jazz style!! This night was surely a rare experience for Sandy and it was a great Mainstream + Indie experiment!!
商台1994年豁達音樂星期六演唱會的特別演出。憶蓮嘗試演唱Black & Blue 的比較 Indie 些的作品 Dream﹐更有 Black & Blue 主音 Candy 盧巧音 伴唱。 另外憶蓮亦和當時的一隊由香港的外國人組成的 Acid Jazz 組合 Ube﹐ 以 Acid Jazz 風格演譯了 NirvanaLithium! 絕對是憶蓮的一個少有的嘗試。


盧巧音 Candy Lo
Live "Quote Live" 1994 豁達音樂星期六演唱會
Why Don't You Do Right (Live) Windows Media
Billie's Blues (Live) Windows Media
Is It Like Today (Live) Windows Media
Description: Well before independent band Black & Blue released any album, they used to appeared a lot at CR's Quote Saturday Live. Lead singer, Candy Lo, also performed a lot with many other musicians on her own. It was a Billie Holiday night, and along with Gary Chan (Go East/Gold Label) on guitar, the young blues harp performer William Tang, and also Jason Choi on piano, Candy again raised her most interesting vocals, performing the Sinead O' Connor version of "Why Don't You Do Right", and also Billie Holiday's "Billie's Blues". Every audience was amazed that the performance from such a young talent could have such a voice, such techniques and controls, not to mention that she was well under 20!! Candy is now a well known singer :)
早在 Black & Blue 還未有出唱片前﹐他們已常出席「豁達星期六演唱會」。 而主音之一的盧巧音﹐更多次獨自與其他不同樂手合作﹐作多嘗試的 演唱。這個晚上是Billie Holiday夜﹐在 Gary Chan (正東唱片/Gold Label)   的 電結他﹐年青口琴高手 William Tang 及  蔡德才 的鋼琴下﹐ Candy 又再 發揮她那完美的唱腔﹐演譯 Sinead O' Connor 版的 Why Don't You Do RightBillie HolidayBillie's Blues﹐ 令所有聽眾讚不絕口。一個十多歲小小 年紀的女孩子﹐能夠有這樣的唱功﹐技巧﹐聲音﹐ 真是前途無可限量﹗


Black and Blue
Black and Blue
feat. Candy Lo
Our Ghost (Live)
Live "Quote Live" 1994 豁達音樂星期六演唱會
Description: Another performance from the Saturday Quote Live series.
Candy was the lead vocalist of the independent band "Black and Blue". this was their own song "Ghost" which has a very "SugarCubes/Bjork" style.
以前盧巧音作主音的獨立樂隊 Black & Blue 在商台1994年豁達音樂星期六 演唱會的現場演出。Our Ghost 是他們自己的作品﹐充滿 SugarCubes / Bjork 的風格。
Windows Media


盧巧音 & 亞里安
Candy Lo & Arion
Games Without Frontiers (Live)
Live "Quote Live" 1994 豁達音樂星期六演唱會
Description: A solo performance from Arion of Minimal in the Saturday Quote Live series. With his well known Depeche Mode style, Arion performed a rearranged version of Peter Gabriel's "Games Without Frontiers", along with ex-Black & Blue lead vocalist Candy Lo. It has the effect just like Gabriel performing with Kate Bush!!
Minimal 的亞里安在1994年豁達音樂星期六演唱會的個人演出﹐以 Depeche Mode 式的電子音樂重新演譯 Peter GabrielGames Without Frontiers。請來 Candy 盧巧音 和唱﹐ 更有 Peter GabrielKate Bush 合作的感覺!
Windows Media


Trinity 一九八二年十月八日
Band Intro / Sister Golden Hair Windows Media
California Dreaming Windows Media
Hot Legs Windows Media
Description: Trinity was actually half of Taichi - before the 2 bands merged into the seven member full Taichi Band. Trinity was lead by the Albert Lui and his brother Patrick - in fact Albert used to play bass in the band with Patrick on drums!! They used to be a country / folk styled semi-professional band and on this night in October 1982, they played songs by the group America, and also did America's version of "California Dreaming". This recording is probably so rare that even Albert & Patrick may not have heard it !!
太極樂隊其中一半前身﹐便是當年以雷有耀雷有輝兩兄弟為首的 Trinity。原來當年雷有耀是負責彈低音結他﹐而雷有輝是打鼓的﹗ Trinity 是一隊玩鄉謠民歌風格的業余樂隊﹐八二年十月的這個 晚上﹐他們演奏的是 America 的歌﹐亦唱了America 版本的 California Dreaming 。這個錄音﹐相信連雷氏兄弟也未有聽過 !!



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